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When you need to discreetly uncover hidden information related to a legal case, insurance claim, business dispute, or personal issue, you need the services of a private investigator. However, with sensitive legal, financial, and interpersonal issues at hand, it is essential to ensure your PI team has the skills and resources necessary to complete your investigation thoroughly, carefully, and on time.

Amatrix Investigations, Inc., is a San Diego private investigator with decades of experience offering PI services for legal firms, insurance companies, government agencies, employers, and private individuals. Whether you need to secure additional evidence for a criminal or civil case, suspect an employee or other individual has committed insurance fraud, believe you have been the victim of financial abuse by a business or romantic partner, or simply need to conduct a background check or build a character witness profile, you can rely on Amatrix. Our professionals are thoroughly trained to provide several investigation services complete with state-of-the-art technology and techniques.

Learn more about our San Diego private investigator services by browsing the information and FAQs below. Then, contact Amatrix Investigations, Inc., at your earliest convenience.

Why Do People Need Private Investigations?

As stated above, private individuals, corporations, and insurers hire private investigators for numerous reasons. In many cases, these parties wish to learn more about an individual’s identity and their personal history, conduct, and whereabouts. Often, this information takes the form of a background check or investigation regarding the credibility of the person in question.

These parties often hire private investigators to achieve the following purposes:
  • To conduct history and background checks of potential employees, business partners, or romantic partners for pre-screening purposes.
  • To conduct due diligence before a financial investment.
  • To gain more information about the activities, conduct, and whereabouts of a person to see if they are deceitful.
    • Romantic partners may want to establish whether a partner is engaging in infidelity or improperly hiding financial transactions.
    • Businesses, insurance companies, or government entities may want to ascertain whether an employee claiming workers’ compensation or disability is genuinely injured.
  • To research information surrounding a case or insurance claim, including the root cause of any property damage, fires, accidents, and other sources of claimed damages.
  • To achieve surveillance to aid investigations for any of the above purposes.
While individual and business-focused private investigator services are essential, law firms are a chief focus of any private investigator team. For most law firms, private investigator services can conduct thorough investigations while the attorneys handle the legal proceedings. Law firms hire San Diego private investigators to:
  • Provide a more comprehensive investigation into a crime or accident.
  • Examine police reports, criminal records, and public records.
  • Investigate the scene of a crime.
  • Develop alibis or otherwise disprove allegations.
  • Interrogate witnesses more thoroughly.
  • Interview friends, family, and other associates to build character witness statements.

What Kinds of Cases Do Private Investigators Handle?

So, what do private investigators help with? When retained by a law firm, a private business, a government entity, an insurance company, a family, or an individual, a San Diego private investigator can handle a wide variety of case types. Here are the most prevalent:
  • Criminal defense investigations. During a criminal case, law firms often retain a private investigator to assist in defending a client. Most often, investigative services aid in reviewing and dismantling the allegations made against the client. Our criminal defense investigators can thoroughly examine police reports and witness statements to identify items the defense team can use to undermine the prosecution’s case at trial. Additional evidence can help establish an alibi, while unfounded accusations can result in the reduction or dismissal of charges. Alternatively, a PI can conduct interviews with family and friends to help establish character witnesses and a reduced sentence for the defendant.
  • Juvenile defense investigations. In addition to the investigative services mentioned for adult defendants, juvenile cases require an especially comprehensive approach from a private investigator. A private investigator can help the attorney unearth additional evidence and information needed to prevent a juvenile from facing trial as an adult, including background information to highlight past instances of child abuse, neglect, and other mistreatment that compounded the issues leading to the arrest. A PI can also conduct interviews with various peers and associates, including counselors, teachers, classmates, friends, family, and more.
  • Family law investigations. Family law is a particularly sensitive area, often involving divorce cases and child custody proceedings that bring with them accusations of infidelity, spousal abuse, financial misconduct, child abuse, and more. Whether through surveillance to catch a cheating spouse in the act, financial investigations to identify hidden assets, or evidence of a spouse’s abusive behavior, private investigators can use advanced technology and techniques to uncover evidence unavailable to the public. A private investigator can conduct discreet investigations regarding any of these issues to ensure the legal team and their client is prepared to advocate for parental and spousal rights in court.
  • Civil rights violation investigations. Civil rights violations can involve police brutality or other misconduct during an investigation or may be as simple as discrimination. No matter the case, these instances require comprehensive investigation to provide adequate proof of the violations in court. With skilled investigations and decades of experience in this sensitive case type, our San Diego private investigators can ensure civil rights victims receive their due in court.
  • Insurance fraud case investigations. When it comes to disability, workers’ compensation, or other insurance claim payouts, FICO estimates that as much as 10% of any insurance company’s claim costs are due to fraud of some sort. As such, government entities, businesses, and insurance companies alike may wish to secure legal aid and private investigators to determine the validity of a claim. A private investigator can conduct surveillance, review records, and take other steps to determine whether a claimant has genuinely experienced the injuries they claim. In addition, a PI can help other insurance providers investigate the actual cause of a damaging incident like a home fire to prevent fraudulent claims.
  • Surveillance prevention. Throughout the cases listed above, individuals may become subject to illegal surveillance. Fortunately, our private investigator team’s investigative techniques and state-of-the-art technology can help individuals detect and eliminate this illegal surveillance. Additionally, private investigators can help identify and eliminate other physical, technological, and financial vulnerabilities.

How Do I Choose the Best San Diego PI?

Whether you are a private individual, an insurance representative, a privately owned business, or an attorney representing a law firm, you need the best possible private investigative services to help you achieve your goals. These quick steps to finding a skilled San Diego private investigator can get you off to a great start:
  1. Ask for referrals. The number one answer to the question, “How do you find a private investigator?” is your colleagues, family members, and other close associates. Most law firms utilize the services of a private investigator frequently and can give you insight regarding what you can expect. From these recommendations, you can begin building your shortlist.
  2. Conduct an online search. Can you get a private investigator online? You can certainly begin the search online. Examine each PI’s website on your shortlist and take time to read reviews, testimonials, case studies, and more. In addition, consult professional organizations such as the National Association of Legal Investigators or the National Association of Investigative Specialists, as membership in an organization often indicates their professional standing.
  3. Schedule a phone or in-person meeting. The rest of your assessment should take place via phone, video chat, or in person. Get a feel for the PI’s professionalism and overall willingness to answer questions. You should feel comfortable with the team’s ability to handle this critical investigation and that your questions and input truly matter—especially when it comes to sensitive topics like cheating spouses or child abuse allegations.
  4. Request proof of licensure. Any San Diego private investigator must receive licensure through the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. In addition, they must pass a California Department of Justice and FBI background check and possess at least the minimum insurance coverage. Request proof of licensure and insurance before signing any agreement.
  5. Ask about their qualifications. Aside from the necessary licensure, any private investigator should be able to point to their experiences and caseload to demonstrate the skills they have developed. Private investigators with prior military service or law enforcement experience hold unique skillsets that may allow them unique insight into many case types. Similarly, if you wish to hire a criminal or civil investigator, look for a caseload that includes many cases like your own. During this step, it often helps to request a work sample to establish the PI can handle the type of investigation you need up to the performance standards you demand.

Seek the Services of a Skilled San Diego Private Investigator

Amatrix Investigations, Inc., is proud to be a skilled team of former intelligence agents, police officers, and other professional investigators dedicated to providing skilled investigative services to law firms, insurance companies, government groups, and other private and corporate entities in the San Diego area. When you need expert investigative services for your criminal or civil case, family law case, civil rights case, or financial matter, our licensed, insured, and highly trained team is your best asset.

We can provide the skilled surveillance services necessary to investigate infidelity, spousal abuse, and child abuse allegations, as well as insurance fraud and financial misconduct. In addition, our unparalleled access to information systems databases allows our team to conduct comprehensive background checks, financial due diligence, and asset review for corporate clients. Finally, our financial services can also assist divorcing spouses in ensuring their shared assets are not hidden to avoid division during divorce.

When you need a skilled, professional San Diego private investigator, you can rely on Amatrix Investigations, Inc.

Private Investigator FAQs

Q: What Is the Difference Between a Detective and a Private Investigator?
A: When it comes to detectives and investigators, the word “private” is key. People often use the terms “private detective” and “private investigator” interchangeably. When used in this way, with the private signifier, either term is correct. Most private investigators prefer “PI” and “private investigator” to avoid confusion with police detectives.

In their role as law enforcement officers, police detectives seek to achieve the objectives of their law enforcement agency. Meanwhile, private investigators are private citizens who do not work as law enforcement and can thus be hired to accomplish the goals of private individuals. This means that private investigators do not have law enforcement’s authority to make arrests or forcefully enter private property.

Q: How much does a private investigator cost?
A: As with any professional service, the cost of a private investigator varies widely depending on local rates and the complexity of your case. However, the national average hourly rate for a private investigator regularly falls around $150/hr. If you represent a law firm that wishes to begin working with a private investigator regularly, you may be able to negotiate a flat rate.

Q: Can a private investigator find hidden bank accounts?
A: Unfortunately, many spouses attempt to hide assets in secret accounts to avoid their division during divorce. These accounts can be difficult for individuals to find on their own because there is no national registry of financial accounts. However, a skilled investigator can conduct interviews, consult private records, and engage in legal investigative techniques to ascertain the presence of a hidden account. At this time, a legal team can request a court order or otherwise compel the account holder to admit the account’s existence and contents.

Q: How do I check the credentials of my private investigation service?
A: Besides requesting documentation during the interview process, you can ensure your PI has the proper credentials by searching online. Consult the Bureau of Security and Investigative Service’s online verification system, which you can narrow by service type, company name, and city.

For more information regarding San Diego private investigator services or to request a personalized consulation and review of your case, contact Amatrix Investigations, Inc., today.
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    Whether you suspect your spouse is having an affair or you need a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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