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On a day to day basis, we live with certain assumptions about the way the world operates. That’s why it can be particularly distressing when we find ourselves in a situation where our civil rights are violated, especially if the perpetrators are trusted members of society, such as law enforcement officers. These sorts of people often have large amounts of resources at their disposal, which makes the idea of confronting them in court extremely intimidating.

Many law firms are willing to tackle such cases, but it can be difficult to achieve a fair resolution without the right amount of evidence. Private investigators are an invaluable resource, providing lawyers with the necessary evidence to prove beyond any doubt that a violation of civil rights took place. This provides the victim with compensation for their pain and ensures any necessary medical care is covered. However, it also ensures that the perpetrators are publicly identified and held responsible, stripping them from the positions of power that would allow them to engage in that same behavior in the future.

What Do Civil Rights Encompass?

Civil rights cases generally fall under a few different categories. The examples described above involve situations where the perpetrators are people that are a part of the judicial system that is responsible for protecting the citizens of the country. While such circumstances are often the first conjured by the concept of civil rights violations, they are far from the only instances. Experienced private investigators are well versed in all the complexities that a civil rights case can bring forth.

Another form of civil rights violations involves discrimination from corporations or organizations. While not a part of any system of criminal justice, these are often entities that still have access to a vast amount of resources, including lawyers to lobby on their behalf. Employers that choose to fire employees because of their skin color, gender, or sexuality can be taken to court for civil rights violations. Another example would be a property management company refusing to rent out apartments to individuals on similar grounds.

Finally, there can be circumstances involving a specific individual. The most common example would be a small business owner discriminating against a potential customer. However, cases of human trafficking and domestic enslavement would fall under this category as well.

Private Investigators Can Level the Field

A good lawyer can take the various pieces of evidence and build a compelling, powerful case against the perpetrators, ensuring their client is treated fairly in court. To do so effectively, they must have access to substantial relevant evidence in the first place. When the members of law enforcement are being accused of a crime, their peers are often less likely to act in an impartial manner. There have been instances of planted evidence that sway the courts to disbelieve the victim. In some cases, the appropriate evidence simply isn’t gathered at all, making it difficult to prove anything unlawful occurred. Finally, even unconscious bias can lead individuals at the crime scene to overlook crucial elements when compiling documentation.

Often private investigators will collect information that has seemingly already been collected. This could involve getting a second opinion from a doctor, requesting a second autopsy from a different medical examiner, and taking more photos of a crime scene. From an outsider’s perspective, this might appear redundant. However, frequently, the police work within a framework of contacts they consider trustworthy, and those same contacts are the ones that handle the various details of a case involving a potential civil rights violation. Getting a second perspective on elements that have already been cataloged serves two purposes. It can provide a much more accurate picture of the proceedings and cast doubt on whatever narrative the perpetrators have decided to tell and reveal any blatant misconduct in the initial gathering of evidence.

Your private investigator is able to put in the effort to acquire unbiased documentation of the incident, and they get to work immediately after being hired. Speed is an absolute necessity, as any delay can result in the destruction of valuable information and proof. Investigators can present law firms with additional crime scene photos that reveal a different perspective, bystander camera footage from multiple angles, security camera footage, and multiple eyewitness testimonies, all of which are crucial to the success of the case. In the process, investigators are also able to determine if there are active attempts to cover up what occurred, which may reveal additional perpetrators of civil rights violations.

In situations where a large corporation is involved, there are also frequent attempts to discredit or tamper with evidence of the incident. An experienced investigator can save digital records that reveal the full story, including emails, chat transcripts, performance reviews, and, in the process, may even uncover past actions from the employer that reveal a pattern of civil rights violations over time. Regardless of what their budget for legal defense may be, they can’t argue against conclusive evidence, which is why it’s critical to get an investigator involved as soon as possible.

Cases where a single individual is involved can sometimes be even more complicated, as the court generally sees this sort of situation as a matter of perspective. Even then, investigators can often identify footage of the incident and uncover details of the individual’s past that reveal their character.

Working With Amatrix Investigations

Civil rights violations can be extremely arduous and complicated. However, with the assistance of an experienced private investigator, your law firm can obtain the necessary evidence to prove your client’s claims. At Amatrix Investigations, our investigators have prior experience working in law enforcement and intelligence, making them extremely familiar with their procedures and uniquely qualified to handle such cases. Not only are we aware of what sorts of resources powerful individuals may have access to, but we are also up to date on all current legal practices. This means that any evidence secured by Amatrix Investigations is done so in a lawful manner, ensuring that it will not be dismissed and can be used in court.

Our priority is ensuring that everyone’s right to a fair trial is protected. For us, that means providing you with concrete evidence that proves the veracity of your claim beyond any doubt. If you have been approached with a civil rights violation claim, do not hesitate, as any time wasted could be detrimental to the case. Simply fill out our online form or contact us by calling (213) 342-1767 today for a free consultation.
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    Whether you suspect your spouse is having an affair or you need a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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