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Criminal defense lawyers are incredibly important when someone is facing criminal charges. However, they are not the only working component in a comprehensive defense strategy. A criminal defense investigator assists criminal defense attorneys throughout the case, supporting your team to ensure your client’s rights are protected throughout the legal proceedings. The prosecutor will use every asset at their disposal, including the police force, to secure a guilty verdict for your client. A private investigator will help bridge the gap in resources for your criminal case and give your client the greatest chance of achieving the most favorable outcome for their case.

A private criminal investigator with a high level of both experience and knowledge can be an invaluable asset to your defense. The team at Amatrix Investigations has proven both knowledge and experience over the past several decades of working in the field, honing their skills in careers with intelligence agencies and law enforcement. If anyone can find crucial pieces of evidence that either proves your client’s innocence or creates a case for reduced penalties, it is the Amatrix Investigations professionals.

Roles of a Criminal Defense Investigator

Criminal defense investigators are skilled in many different areas that can help your clients succeed in their cases. Our comfort and familiarity with our resources allow us to identify what is relevant in a timely manner. The services we offer include:

  • Crime scene examination
  • Evidence collection
  • Eyewitness interviews
  • Comprehensive background checks
  • Social media investigation
  • Public records searches
  • Locate trustworthy character witnesses
  • Discovery of police record inconsistencies
  • Support with defense strategy creation

Ultimately, our role is to use our decades of experience and mastery of the criminal justice system to either support your client’s innocence or find mitigating factors that reduce the charges or penalties against your client. The police officers that conduct the investigation into your client may be biased toward evidence that supports their narrative that your client is guilty. Private investigators work without that bias, often finding evidence that was looked over or intentionally dismissed because it does not support your client’s guilt.

Benefits of Working With a Mitigation Specialist

There are several benefits to working with an adept criminal defense mitigation specialist during your case. Most notably, your client will benefit from the information the investigator finds. Further benefits include:

  • A new perspective on the case – Defense attorneys are authorities in their field and will approach a case by looking for violations of constitutional rights, evidentiary issues, potential search issues, issues with the police investigation, or other procedural issues. Our investigator’s prior careers were in the law enforcement and intelligence fields, providing a second perspective that is rooted in decades of experience. A top-tier investigator will be able to offer assistance with case theories, potential defenses, or ideas for progressing with the investigation.
  • Rapid start for case development – When police are called or arrive at a scene, they begin their investigation immediately. They will photograph the scene, interview witnesses, collect evidence, and gather any related information. The most efficient way to stay on par with their investigation is to start one yourself as quickly as possible. A defense mitigation specialist will conduct their own investigation, but without the implicit bias that police may have if they are avoiding evidence that does not support their case. This can include interviewing current witnesses to get statements potentially more defense-friendly, finding new witnesses law enforcement may have missed, or locating other evidence, such as copies of video surveillance or audio recordings.
  • Information on state witnesses – Criminal defense investigators are often responsible for finding information on witnesses the State intends to use during the trial. They use their many resources to discover biases, impeachment evidence, or prior actions by the witnesses that may be admissible in court. Investigators have both the knowledge and experience to diligently search through witness histories to find any relevant information that could influence your defense strategy.
  • An additional witness at trial – The prosecution team will often call a long list of witnesses to support their case, including several law enforcement officers that had a role in the investigation or arrest. The intent of these witnesses is to provide authority figures that discuss their investigation into why your client is guilty. In contrast, a defense attorney can call criminal defense investigators to the stand to discuss their investigation into why the client is innocent of the crime. Our investigators are confident and competent on the stand, easily withstanding even the most tenacious of prosecuting attorneys.

Each of these benefits will better prepare you to craft a defense that will result in the most favorable outcome. There is a wide range of penalties for crimes, ranging from community service and fines to years in state prison. Even a defense that reduces a charge from a felony to a misdemeanor can mean a massive difference in penalties for your client.

Information to Have Prepared

When you call Amatrix Investigations for a consult on your criminal defense case, the following is information that would help us give you a complete picture of the services we can provide, the cost of those services, and approximate timelines.

  • Your role within the case
  • The case number from the courts, court order, or police report
  • The number of subjects involved
  • Funding available for our services
  • The position you intend to take during your defense
  • The specific information you are seeking with the investigation
  • Date the services need to be completed
  • Any limitations that apply to the case

Though this list is a starting point for the information we need during the consultation, it is not comprehensive. Any information that you can supply to our criminal defense investigators that paints the complete picture of the circumstances and requirements of your case will ultimately be useful during our discourse.

Legalities of Private Criminal Investigation

A general lack of exposure and familiarity with the field of work can lead many to question the legalities of the service, but private investigation is completely legal. The services provided by Amatrix Investigations are essential for the individuals and groups requiring our help. Nevertheless, there are actions that can violate state and local laws. It is important to choose a reputable private investigation company that complies with the laws to ensure you are not implicated in a crime by association.

Some behaviors, like tampering with mail, impersonating law enforcement, and harassment, are always illegal and will not be approached by a responsible agency. Other behaviors, like accessing records, wiretapping, and entering a property, can be legal in certain circumstances. An adept criminal mitigation specialist will work within the law to find the evidence you need to succeed in your defense.

Choosing the Right Private Investigator

Lawyers are held to a high standard and must associate themselves with other professionals that act within the law. When vetting a private investigation company for your client’s needs, there are certain things for which to look:

  • License – The California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services will award licenses to private investigators that meet their criteria. Any Los Angeles private investigator without a license is not legitimate and should not be trusted.
  • Referrals – Any criminal private investigator worth your time will have statements or contact information from previous clients that are satisfied with their services. This information can be used to cross-reference their capabilities.
  • Easy to find – A quality private criminal investigator will have both a strong online and offline presence. An experienced individual will have a website with reviews, testimonials, service lists, and more. You should also be able to communicate with them offline, either over the phone or in person. This helps ensure they are legitimate and serious about your case.
  • Experience with your case type – When working within criminal law, there are a lot of nuances that can dramatically alter how a case should be treated by the defense team. The investigator that you choose should have prior experience with cases like yours. Teams with prior law enforcement or intelligence industry experience are especially important for defense attorneys representing clients accused of criminal activity.

Los Angeles Private Criminal Investigator

With a dedicated team of professionals that have decades of relevant experience, our team provides attorneys an advantage while creating their defense strategy. Our familiarity with Los Angles legal proceedings ensures that you build a complete defense that considers every possible detail, increasing your capabilities and likelihood of reaching an optimal outcome for your client.

The work you put into crafting a defense and adhering to court deadlines can easily max out your workload and your time. This is where our team of private investigators steps in. We find crucial evidence, complete background checks, interview witnesses, and otherwise support your case while you handle the court system. The information we find can directly impact the outcome of the case for your client, improving your reputation as a skilled defense attorney in our community. Contact us today to discuss how Amatrix Investigations services can help you support your clients and improve your standing as a competent criminal defense attorney.

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  • Whether you suspect that your spouse is having an affair or you need to order a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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    Whether you suspect your spouse is having an affair or you need a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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