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At Amatrix Investigations, we understand the importance of securing reliable information and concrete evidence in order to make important decisions of a personal or business nature. We are proud to offer our clients private and comprehensive investigation services that are rooted in professionalism.  As former members of law enforcement and intelligence agencies, our licensed private investigators possess the expert training to tackle all kinds of investigations. From our corporate headquarters in Southern California, we serve clients throughout the United States and internationally.

No matter where you live in the U.S., we have operatives from coast to coast who can assist you in obtaining the information you need. Don’t live in the U.S.? We also assist clients around the globe who wish to benefit from our high-caliber investigative services. As soon as we learn the details of your case, we will begin uncovering the truth on your behalf.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.


Do you suspect that your spouse is having an affair? Do you have concerns about a potential business partner? Do you need help investigating a possible case of insurance fraud? If so, the Los Angeles private investigators at Amatrix Investigations can help put an end to your doubts.


Background checks are important sources of information for a variety of reasons. Amatrix Investigations has extensive database resources and field investigators that enable us to prepare the most current and up-to-date information. Background checks differ dramatically from pre-employment screenings.

Infidelity/Cheating Spouse

If you suspect that your spouse is being unfaithful, even the mere suspicion can be distressing. When a spouse denies allegations, it can be difficult to prove your suspicions without some help. If you believe that your spouse is cheating, seek the help of a private investigator from Amatrix Investigations.

Insurance Fraud

Amatrix Investigations has helped countless insurance companies investigate the validity of claims made by individuals and companies. We utilize our effective surveillance tactics in order to uncover the truth.

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Due Diligence

A due diligence investigation is the examination of a company’s management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, clients, and anything else that details how a business functions. It is vital to conduct a due diligence investigation before a merger, company purchase, or acquisition because it reveals hidden liabilities.

Asset Search

An asset investigation (asset search or asset check) is the locating of public records that we utilize to locate hidden assets, verify assets and liabilities, and to provide preliminary information for seizing monies owed. Amatrix Investigations can help you discover any unknown assets.

Workers Compensation

If you have reason to believe that an employee or employer has committed insurance fraud, Amatrix Investigations can help you gather the evidence you need to take action.

Family Law Investigations

Amatrix Investigations has helped countless insurance companies investigate the validity of claims made by individuals and companies. We utilize our effective surveillance tactics in order to uncover the truth.

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Missing Persons

Amatrix Investigations specializes in locating missing people both locally and internationally.

Criminal Law Investigations

A criminal investigator looks for clues and evidence to determine whether a crime has taken place. If a crime has been committed, investigators may look into the background of the accused and try to uncover who committed the crime.

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Fraud Investigations

A fraud investigation determines whether a scam has taken place and gathers evidence to protect the victims involved. Fraud is misrepresentation with the intent to deceive. Fraud is a very real and costly problem that causes loss of money as well as serious injury and sometimes even death.


A civil investigation uncovers and assembles evidence necessary for a civil trial. A civil trial is a type of court case involving two individual citizens who disagree on an issue that relates to their rights as citizens. Civil investigators are responsible for gathering the evidence essential to such a trial.

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Accident/ Reconstruction

Most law enforcement agencies hire their own crime scene investigators, but sometimes a second opinion or more thorough investigation can save you from false charges or help you prosecute a criminal. Hiring a private investigator can help you determine what happened and ensure you have the answers you need.

Child Support

While the government may not be able to uncover the information a parent needs, an investigator will work until all information is available. The custodial parent can then use this information in order to get the legal system to take action. With evidence in hand, it is easier for a parent to get the legal system to compel the non-paying parent to meet their financial obligations.

Bug Sweep/TSCM

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), or bug sweeps, uncover illegal surveillance devices, unknown technical surveillance devices, and identify security weaknesses.

Process Service

Amatrix Investigations is skilled at ensuring that all legal documents are delivered in a secure and timely manner.

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