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When facing criminal charges, a criminal defense attorney should be the first call a person makes in order to increase their chances of getting the most favorable outcome in their case. A defense attorney’s first call after contracting with a new client should be to a reputable criminal defense investigator. When narrowing your potential options and building a defense strategy that either proves your client’s innocence or creates a case of mitigating factors, private criminal investigators can be an invaluable resource. The prosecuting attorneys will pool every available resource, including the police force, to build a case that suggests your client’s guilt. You can bridge this resource gap by working with a skilled private investigator.

The benefits of using a criminal private investigator are numerous, but only if you select a team with outstanding levels of experience and knowledge. The Amatrix Investigations team has developed both through decades of fieldwork, built on skills acquired during prior careers in law enforcement and in the intelligence industry. If any team in the Riverside area can locate vital evidence for your defense strategy, it is the professionals at Amatrix Investigations.

Criminal Defense Investigator Roles

The skillsets held by accomplished criminal mitigation specialists can help you succeed with your client’s case. Our experience with our resources means we can quickly sort through the vast amounts of information to find what is relevant without wasting time. Additionally, our team can:

  • Independently investigate crime scenes
  • Collect evidence
  • Conduct comprehensive background checks
  • Question eyewitnesses
  • Sift through social media accounts
  • Search public records
  • Uncover inconsistencies in police records
  • Discover trustworthy character witnesses
  • Form a defense strategy

The end goal of a criminal defense investigator is to apply our decades of experience and understanding of the criminal justice system to ensure your client’s rights are protected. The information we find can cast doubt on your client’s guilt and ultimately result in a finding of innocence or, at the very least, allow mitigating factors to reduce the charges and penalties faced.  The police officers and prosecutors may develop tunnel vision into creating a case against your client, overlooking or ignoring evidence that would send them in a different direction. An adept private investigator will work without that bias to find this evidence to support your case.

Private Criminal Investigation Legalities

It is for those both in and out of the criminal justice system to question the legality of the profession of private investigation. However, licensed private investigators like Amatrix Investigations provide completely legal and essential services. Though it is possible to venture into an illegal territory and break laws while conducting an investigation, a competent private investigator will have full knowledge of the local and state laws that they must work within to avoid breaking any laws.

Benefits of Working With a Criminal Mitigation Specialist

There are numerous benefits to working with a criminal defense mitigation specialist for a defense attorney. They are all noteworthy, as your client is likely to benefit from the information found by the investigator. When you are able to reduce or even eliminate the charges faced by your client, they are likely to communicate their satisfaction with your services. Your reputation will improve within the Riverside community and boost the number of clients seeking your services. Other benefits include:

  • Head start with case development – Police officers will begin their investigation as soon as they arrive on a scene. They will collect evidence, interview witnesses, photograph the scene, and gather any other information they deem important. Staying on par with their investigation requires that you begin your own investigation immediately. A criminal mitigation specialist will rapidly begin collecting evidence to support your client, including finding witnesses law enforcement missed, speaking with current witnesses to get more defense-friendly statements, and gathering other evidence, like video surveillance or audio recordings.
  • Collect information on state witnesses – State prosecutors will create a team of witnesses they will use during the trial in an attempt to prove your client’s guilt. Mitigation specialists will gather information on these witnesses in an attempt to discredit their testimony by discovering impeachment evidence, biases, or prior actions that may be admissible in court. Talented private investigators will be able to sift through any information found to present you with relevant information that can affect your defense strategy.
  • Stand as a witness during trial – The prosecution team may attempt to increase the credibility of their case by calling a long list of witnesses, including law enforcement officers that played a role in the arrest or investigation, that they believe to be authority figures with the potential to sway the outcome of the case. In opposition, defense attorneys can call a defense mitigation specialist to explain why the client is not guilty of the crime. Our investigators are competent and confident on the stand, easily facing the most forceful prosecuting attorneys.
  • Offer new perspectives on the case – Defense attorneys are masters of their field, approaching a case by looking for evidentiary issues, violations of constitutional rights, issues during the police investigation, potential search issues, and other procedural issues. Our investigators have prior career experience in law enforcement and intelligence agencies, providing another perspective that is grounded in decades of experience. An investigator worth your time will be able to volley ideas pertaining to potential defenses, case theories, and progression into the investigation.

Though no investigator can guarantee that any information or evidence found by a private investigator will result in your client being found innocent, your defense strategy will be better developed and have a better chance of resulting in the most favorable outcome.

Riverside Criminal Defense Mitigation Specialist

There is always the possibility that some evidence can make the difference between a minor penalty and years in prison for your client. A defense attorney’s workload is already full with handling court deadlines and procedural requirements, so a full investigation is not something you have time to accomplish.

When you hire Amatrix Investigations, you gain access to a dedicated team of consummate professionals with decades of relevant experience. We can find crucial evidence, interview witnesses, run background checks, and otherwise support your defense while you navigate the court system. Contact Amatrix Investigations today to discuss how our services can help your clients and support your standing as a highly qualified criminal defense attorney.

INJUSTICE anywhere is a threat to JUSTICE everywhere.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Whether you suspect that your spouse is having an affair or you need to order a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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    Whether you suspect your spouse is having an affair or you need a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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