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Law firms, insurers, and individuals rely on the services of private investigators for many purposes, from criminal and civil rights investigations to the suspicion surrounding a cheating spouse. However, no matter the circumstances, a private investigator must be discreet, professional, and display impressive attention to detail. By working with a qualified PI, each of these clients can complete the investigations they need to pursue the best possible results in various legal cases and personal issues.

Amatrix Investigations, Inc., has been proud to serve as a Palm Springs private investigator for over two decades. Whether you represent a law firm needing to build a thorough understanding of a client’s case or are a government or private entity wishing to investigate an individual, our professional team can help. Our in-depth knowledge of the innovative technologies and investigatory procedures ensures the critical information our private investigators bring to light meets all legal parameters set forth by the state of California to help you pursue your case.

Learn more about the investigative services we offer below. Then, contact Amatrix Investigations, Inc., for more detailed information about your case.

Why Do People Hire Private Investigators?

As we briefly alluded to above, people hire PIs for a variety of reasons. Law firms and individual attorneys hire private investigators to conduct intensive investigations into various elements and people in a legal case. In addition, insurers and businesses may hire a private investigator to perform background checks or investigate the details of an insurance claim. At times, individuals may wish to hire a PI to confirm suspicions surrounding a romantic or business partner.

A good Palm Springs PI provides investigative services most people cannot handle on their own. Having your own investigator get you access to complex computer systems and intricate information databases the average individual does not have. Perhaps most important, a private investigator is highly trained to perform comprehensive investigations, discreet surveillance, and thorough background checks following California law.

What Kind of Cases Does a PI Handle?

A Palm Springs private investigator such as Amatrix Investigations, Inc., primarily works with law firms and insurers on several case types—although we can meet your individual needs, as well. We are experienced in handling the following types of investigations:

Criminal defense investigations. During a criminal case, personal investigators can help defense attorneys investigate many types of allegations against their client. A PI can examine police reports and investigate witness testimony to find additional evidence to demonstrate innocence, provide an alibi, or otherwise undermine the prosecution’s case. In addition, private investigators can interview various individuals to build positive character witness statements to minimize charges or reduce a sentence.
  • Juvenile investigations. While the investigatory services above also apply to juvenile cases, private investigators often provide additional benefits in a juvenile case. Investigative work can help attorneys uncover mitigating factors in a juvenile’s history that may result in a reduced sentence or receiving charges as a minor versus an adult. PIs can identify past instances of abuse or build a strong character witness profile by interviewing teachers, friends, classmates, and other individuals relevant to the case.
  • Insurance claims investigations. Private investigators frequently work with private corporations, government entities, and insurance companies that suspect an individual is misrepresenting or fraudulently pursuing an insurance claim. For example, a Palm Springs private investigator can perform surveillance to determine whether an employee has made a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim, or a PI can access accident reports and conduct an in-depth investigation to unearth the actual cause of home damage.
  • Family court investigations.When financial or romantic issues ensue or during a child custody dispute, it is essential to bring to light any wrongdoing by the involved parties for examination in family court. A private investigator can provide evidence of infidelity or hidden funds by a romantic or business partner. In addition, a PI can help build a solid character statement by interviewing associates or provide proof of domestic or child abuse for child custody and divorce cases.
  • Civil rights investigations. When law enforcement, corporations, or individuals violate an individual’s civil rights, they may be able to pursue reduced criminal charges, a more favorable sentence, legal consequences, or even compensation from the violators. However, an intensive investigation is necessary to prove the various elements of these allegations. A private investigator can expose instances of police brutality, improper procedures, discrimination, and more.

How Do You Find a Private Investigator?

Many attorneys and individuals looking for a private investigator find themselves asking, “Can I find a private investigator online?” The answer, of course, is a resounding yes—but you will want to ensure you perform your due diligence when hiring a private investigator, particularly if you represent a law firm. Consider these PI FAQs when it is time to find a private investigator:
  1. How do I choose the best private investigator? First, inquire with other attorneys or with family and friends who have recently used a PI. Then, begin researching online. Personal recommendations and online reviews can reveal a great deal about a PI’s style, customer service, training, and more and help you create a shortlist.
  2. How do I check the credentials of my private investigation service? Schedule an interview with your candidates, and be sure to ask about their qualifications and credentials. In California, PIs must hold a license from the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, a background check from the California DOJ and the FBI, and maintain insurance. Ask to see proof of these credentials.
  3. How much does a private investigator cost? A Palm Springs private investigator typically charges by the hour, with the national average hovering around $150/hour. Depending on the circumstances of your case, the cost can vary. In some areas, private investigators allow flat-rate billing—often to law firms and other frequent clients.

Lean How Your Trusted Palm Springs, California Private Investigator Can Help

Whether you represent a law firm, insurer, government agency, or a private business, you need a private investigator you can trust to gather critical information thoroughly, discreetly, and promptly. In Palm Springs and the surrounding areas, you can rely on Amatrix Investigations, Inc. Our team has spent over two decades developing the enhanced investigative skills, industry-leading technology, and dedicated case management skills necessary to help you pursue your case with confidence.

For more information or to discuss your case in-depth, contact Amatrix Investigations, Inc., today.
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  • Whether you suspect that your spouse is having an affair or you need to order a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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    Whether you suspect your spouse is having an affair or you need a background check on a potential employee, you can turn to the private investigators at Amatrix Investigations
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