What Do Private Investigators Look for in a Child Custody Case?

Amatrix Investigations specializes in providing professional private investigation services to business owners, attorneys, and a wide range of clients throughout California. One of our areas of experience is child custody cases. We work closely with the attorneys representing parents in child custody disputes to help them discern what type of child custody arrangement would best suit a child’s best interests.

Whether you are an attorney attempting to connect with a reputable and trustworthy private investigation service or a parent preparing for a child custody determination, it’s essential to know what you can expect from working with a private investigation service such as Amatrix Investigations, how we do what we do, and how we can assist with your case.

What Can I Expect From a Private Investigator in a Child Custody Case?

When you work with a private investigator in a child custody case, the investigator’s job is to provide evidence that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. Private investigators can employ various tactics and research methods to obtain valuable information in child custody cases. Some of the ways Amatrix Investigations has assisted attorneys and their clients in child custody disputes include:

  • Determining parent fitness. The family court system of California has a legal obligation to preserve the best interests of children involved in custody disputes. Therefore, if one parent is convinced that the other parent is unfit to have custody rights, a private investigation service can provide them with the evidence they need to support this position.
  • Revealing child abuse or neglect. Private investigators are skilled at legally obtaining proof of child abuse and neglect for use in custody disputes. For example, suppose you are convinced that your child’s other parent has been abusing or neglecting them in some way. In that case, a private investigator may conduct surveillance and gather photo or video evidence you need to hold the other parent accountable.
  • Exposing criminal activity. Suppose you are involved in a custody dispute and believe your child’s other parent poses a threat to your child’s safety due to their involvement in criminal activity. In that case, a private investigator may help you expose their illegal activities, so they are given the proper consideration in your legal proceedings.
  • Proving gambling addiction. A gambling addiction can significantly impair a parent’s ability to provide for their child’s needs, and most people who struggle with gambling addictions are adept at hiding their activity from family. Your private investigator can help you gather evidence such as financial records, loan statements, and other documentation that may help you prove your child’s other parent has a gambling problem.
  • Uncovering an extramarital affair. Infidelity is one of the most commonly cited reasons for private citizens to contract with private investigators. While infidelity does not necessarily relate directly to a parent’s relationship with their child, proving infidelity may amount to proving the subject lied to the court or otherwise obfuscated details of their life that are relevant in their child custody determination.
  • Revealing substance abuse. Many Americans struggle with substance abuse disorders. While these conditions require compassion and treatment, it is undeniable that a substance abuse disorder will prevent a parent from safely providing for their children’s needs.

These are just a few of the ways private investigators assist attorneys and parents in child custody determinations. If you are unsure whether a private investigator could help your situation, raise your concerns with your attorney.

How Do Private Investigators Work on Child Custody Cases?

Amatrix Investigations has cultivated a strong reputation as one of the leading private investigation services in California. Our team comprises former federal officers, former police officers, and other seasoned experts encompassing a vast range of professional experience. We leverage various tools and tactics to help our clients obtain the information they need through legal channels. Our position as a private investigation service allows our team access to computer networks and databases that the public cannot access. In addition, our team’s vast experience in criminal justice, forensic research, and investigative tactics allows us to perform an extensive scope of private investigation services.

When we work on a child custody case, we start by assessing the client’s needs, learning what information they require, and determining the best possible methods for obtaining that information. Some of our most commonly employed tactics in child custody cases include:

  • Surveillance. Our team has the tools and training to conduct extensive surveillance of individuals and target locations to perform real-time evidence gathering.
  • Research. It’s difficult for the average person to locate some formal records. However, we know how to navigate publicly accessible archives and perform extensive research using methods that are commonly closed to the public.
  • Digital forensics. The modern age is very reliant on digital technology. Our team includes a wide range of digital forensics experts who are very capable of establishing financial paper trails, uncovering old public records, and establishing digital footprints for persons of interest in active cases.
  • Device cloning. While this technique is only possible in certain situations, it can be incredibly effective in a child custody dispute when leveraged correctly.For example, cloning the other parent’s device may disprove their claims of fitness to obtain custody rights or provide other valuable information for a child custody case. Keep in mind that the law restricts this activity in most situations.
  • Background checks. Amatrix Investigations can perform more extensive background checks than most private companies and entities can handle independently.

Our team is accustomed to adapting our approach based on the needs of the case at hand. Rest assured, Amatrix Investigations has the technology, training, and experience to handle whatever private investigation services you require for a child custody case in California.

Ultimately, there are many ways a private investigator can potentially assist you in a child custody case. The team at Amatrix Investigations understands the emotional side of these issues and works closely with clients to provide discreet and detail-oriented investigative services to provide them with the information they require. If you are involved in a child custody dispute or represent a parent facing a child custody determination, contact Amatrix Investigations today to find out how our team can assist your side of the case.

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